campaign announcement

GUN BARREL CITY, TX—Today local veteran and aviator from Henderson County, Republican Earl Brunner, announced his candidacy in the race to represent district 4 in the Texas House of Representatives. He will be seeking the nomination in the 2018 Republican primary elections on March 6th this upcoming year.


“I will work every single day for this community,” Brunner said. “This is about the future of Texas and our communities.”


Brunner is a strong advocate for veterans’ rights. Through serving in the military for 28 years before retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, he recognized the importance of the sacrifices that veterans make for their country and communities every day. He wants to promote legislation in the Texas House in support of veteran benefits and serve his district the way he served his country.


He aims to promote the importance of educators, first responders, and other members of the local communities in District 4 as well.


Brunner is also passionate about cutting wasteful spending that has previously taken place within the State of Texas. He believes in empowering local small business in order to promote the growth of District 4’s towns and communities.


These passions push Earl Brunner to fight for policies that will benefit the best of society.


Brunner grew up on a cattle ranch learning the importance of hard work and dedication, and he will strive to bring these attributes to the Texas House of Representatives. He currently resides in Gun Barrel City, TX with his wife of 24 years, Jenny, and his two sons. Earl Brunner would be proud to represent District 4 to fight for the community he calls home.


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