protecting american greatness

Government does not make America nor Texas great: the people do. Any civil society must ensure that great-making people are able to keep Texas on the cutting edge of innovation and to uphold our national values. Such groups include: veterans, healthcare workers, first responders, and ranchers and farmers. As a veteran, who worked as a teacher, and grew up on a ranch--I understand the stories of the unsung heroes of Texas. I stand with you. And I fight for you. 


Protecting the second amendment

The fundamental truth behind the Second Amendment is as true today as it was in 1791: the right of the people to keep and bear arms is necessary to the protection of a free state. If we want to continue to live in a free state and preserve our rights and freedoms--we must be able to defend ourselves. We must be able to defend ourselves not only from criminals by also tyrannical government. 


Cutting wasteful spending

Texas wastes a lot of our money. Our tax dollars go to many organizations and programs that do nobody any good or that could be done better by private citizens. Such organizations and programs include the Texas Commission for the Arts and the Texas Board of Geoscientists. 


caring for veterans, first responders, and teachers

The best of society deserve the best from society. As a veteran and a former teacher, I understand the sacrifices these groups of people make for our society. These tremendous sacrifices justify why I believe people who are making these fundamental sacrifices to our society deserve a property tax reduction. 




protecting the first amendment

The freedoms enshrined in the first amendment are essential to what it means to have American values. What is gained by having different opinions but an agreed-upon system is what America is all about. Too often students and other groups are denied freedoms guaranteed to them. To those who wish to protect our essential liberties: I will fight for you. 



It's quite simple: there is good immigration and there is bad immigration. We want to attract immigrants to our state who will work hard, contribute to the State of Texas, and uphold American values. We require policies to encourage these immigrants and discourage illegal immigration. Simply, we must do better at defending our border.



I worked as a substitute teacher for a time: I understand the struggle of teaching better than most. I understand that our teachers are on the frontline of education, and therefore we must encourage more good people to become good teachers. Furthermore, education is one of the most fundamental parts of growing an economy. Simply, if we want our children to inherit a strong economy, we must first give them a great education. 


Protecting life

Abortion is a tragedy no matter what circumstance. The truth is that a baby--inside the womb or outside--is a human being deserving of fundamental God-given rights. Therefore to offend the rights of that child by way of an abortion is unethical. If elected, I will fight every day to protect children from the evils of abortion.